About us

About Us

We are the result of a history of effort and innovation. Since our foundation in 1991, we have been working side by side with our customers, always aware of their needs and ensuring that their products stand out wherever they are exported. Showing the passion for what we do has given us the trust and recognition in the national and international market.


Crates & Trays

We have created high-strength packaging capable of protecting, transporting and promoting diferent products.

Bulk Containers

Specialized and high-performance containers designed to carry liquids or grains.

Warehouse Supplies

Packaging specially designed to optimize storage.


We care about making your brand look sustainable and innovative. EKKOBOARD is made of 100% recycled regrind from our production process.

Barrier Pro

Do you build, remodel or do construction work? Protect all your work's surfaces with Barrier Pro, a tough fire-retardant corrugated plastic sheet that is also waterproof.


Product Development

We offer a complete consulting services caring about to understand our client's needs to give them the most appropriate solution, maintaining strict quality control throughout the process.

Track & Trace

Control the value chain through the new mobile traceability APP, which consists of registering information through unique QR codes.

Brands and Representations

Fresh and frozen foods need special care. Thermoseal is the technology applied to packaging that ensures the freshness of your products throughout the entire distribution process.


We are committed to take care of the environment, that is why we work with corrugated plastic cardboard, a product that can become raw material again, reducing the environmental impact.

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